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"To provide appropriate and sensitive education for individuals,
professionals and organizations whose job it is, solely or partly,
to interact with the traumatized and the bereaved."


With over 25 years helping individuals, communities, emergency services and business environments develop and utilize appropriate and sensitive strategies when impacted by death, dying and tragedy, Grief STEP Program’s Mary S. Reigel offers a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Setting the Standard of Care for California's EMSA, in 1992, of bystander family when death is determined in a 911 emergency response, Mary has provided Train the Trainer’s workshops for firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, chaplaincy and adjunct personnel.  These trained trainers have taken our best practices and standard of care protocols combined with their own professional know-how and have passed this knowledge on to their colleagues. Thus allowing thousands of individuals and families across the nation to receive appropriate and sensitive support during their time of need. We look forward to continuing to train trainer's in this significant endeavor.

Since 1984, through workshops, group briefings, discussions and consultations, Mary has addressed a broad array of topics concerning death, disaster, trauma and critical stress. She has consulted with business management, community organizations, construction companies, criminal court, crisis personnel, EMS, federal and state park services, financial institutions, fire departments, hospitals, human resources, international organizations, law offices, mental health facilities, schools, social services, state services, and transportation companies - air, land and sea.

Programs, materials and trainings have been developed for such notable institutions as the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the San Francisco Public Health and Fire Department, California’s Emergency Medical Services Authority and local California EMS Districts, Seneca Center, Virginia’s Henrico County’s Fire Department and the Reykjavik Fire Department who has provided the Standard of Care training throughout Iceland. 


Brochures for the bereaved for 911 teams
Brochures for the bereaved for medical examiners
Crisis Management for Mental Health Workers
Death in the Field – 911 Teams
Death in the Workplace
Disaster & Crisis Psychology
Disaster Preparedness & Family Notification Training
Establishing the Standard of Care: Best Practices
Funeral Consumer Information and Check List
Grief Counseling
Grief in the Field – 911 Teams
Grief in the Workplace
Provider Stress: Working with death and dying
Say the Right Thing, Do The Right Thing™: Following Death and Tragedy
Street Ops: Train the Trainer
Sudden Death: Accident, Suicide, Homicide, SIDS, and Acute Terminal Illness
The Other Part of the Job
Three phase vdeath notification
Trauma: The Termination of Innocence
Workplace Policies

Founders of the "Say the Right Thing, Do the Right Thing" Training Programs
A Standard of Care, A Standard of Interaction

For more information e-mail Mary at:   mary@griefsupport.org

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